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A dream is just a dream until you make it come true

Ifa-chan desu~
Hello!! Ifa-chan desu~
Science & Education undergraduate student at local uni..loves cute guys..spend most of the time surfing the internet esp at lj..TEGOPI shipper..j-drama addict..NEWS die-hard-fan..dreaming of living in Japan someday..loves hunting for delicious food and trying new food..dull..wears spectacles and look like a nerd(a lot of people calling me nerd after all)..loves making graphics design(although not that creative)..looks normal but weird inside..kind, really kind..prefer to be alone esp while shopping, watching movies and going to restaurants..talkative(that's why it's better to be alone, if not i'll talk non stop)..little command of japanese language n can read hiragana and katakana only(lol failed!)